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2021 Theme - "Time Keeps Ticking"

Fair Manager’s Message

Welcome back to another great year at the Pitt County American Legion Agricultural Fair.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel our 2020 Fair due to Covid-19; but we are planning an even better event for 2021. 

Our theme this year, “TIME KEEPS TICKING” sets the tone for the exciting things the fair staff has in store for you at the 101st Annual Pitt County Fair.  We are extremely excited about our upcoming fair and the return of Powers Great American Midways for your enjoyment and entertainment.  Their midway consists of 35 thrilling rides, exciting games, and a variety of food and beverage opportunities.  Once again, they are bringing some new rides with them.  You do not want to miss this fabulous Midway this year.  Please join us in welcoming them to Greenville. 

We have worked awfully hard to “build” a fun-filled, exciting fair for you and your family to enjoy.  Along with our FREE entertainment, we are offering you a chance to be a ROCK STAR for one night.  For the fifth year, we are introducing our Pitt County Fair Rock Stars.  This is your chance to make your dreams come true by being a STAR on stage at our Karaoke Event.  Come join the fun on Thursday night, September 23 at 7:00 pm.

My goal is to continue to have the best local/regional fair in the state.  We must work as a team in order to accomplish this.  We have brought the Pitt County American Legion Agricultural Fair to you.  Now, you, the community, and Eastern North Carolina region citizens must do your part by participating in the Exhibit Hall, the contests, and attendance at the various FREE shows.

Review all the volumes of Department Class Listings in our Magazine.  There is something for everyone.  If you have never entered an exhibit item, enter one this year.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate.  Its lots of fun.

Pay close attention to our advertising businesses that helped to support getting this information to you at no cost to you.  Thank them and give them your support.

In addition to all the exciting attractions, our fair management team provides FREE PARKING every day of our fair week (September 21-26. 2021).  Parking along the highway is prohibited.  So, bring your children, friends, and neighbors to our 101st Annual Pitt County Fair.  Do not miss out on the most exciting event of the year.  Please join us on the Midway.  After a stressful year of being isolated, it is time to have some FAMILY FUN.  I look forward to seeing you there as TIME KEEPS TICKING at the Pitt County American Legion Agricultural Fair.

Ken Ross


Have you heard
the news going around?
Time Keeps Ticking is the word,
and Powers Great American Midways is coming to town.

There will be lots of flashing lights
and excitement to greet you on the Midway.
Experience fantastic food, thrilling rides, dazzling sights,
and many games to play.

Watch the FREE shows
provided each night.
Everyone is sure to know.
All these shows are spectacular sights.

Walk through the Exhibit Hall before you go.
Gaze upon interesting displays
exhibiting talents that youth and adults show.
You will certainly be amazed.
If by chance you have an entry there,
Check to see if you won.
Yes, anyone can be an exhibitor at the Pitt County Fair.
It is so much fun!

We have had a stressful year.
Isolated with no contact,
with lots of trauma and fears.
Now, it is a fact.
It is time to experience some fun.
with friends and family at the fair.
It will be an unforgettable event for everyone.
We hope to see you there.

Yes, “Time Keeps Ticking” is the theme.
and you have a choice.
No, it is not a dream.
The Pitt County Fair is back in full force.
So, do not sit home in isolation.
and watch TV alone.
Come join the celebration.
and see how we have grown.

... by Phyllis Ross



Mildred Manning
It is with fond memories; we remember Mildred Manning and her 20 plus years  of faithfulness to the Pitt County American Legion Agricultural Fair.  Mildred worked beside her husband, Dennis, in various capacities.  Her love and dedication to the fair made a difference in our community. Mildred will be truly missed at the fair this year and in future years.

The Fair Management and staff deeply appreciate Mildred’s many years of devotion to the fair and extend love and prayers to the family.

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