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Message from the Fair Manager

The Pitt County Fairgrounds has already been busy this year with concerts, Boy Scouts Fund Raiser, Animated Car Show, circus, and yard sales. Now it is time for the most important event of the year—The 2016 Pitt County American Legion Agricultural Fair.

My goal is to continue to have the best local/regional fair in the state. We must work as a team in order to accomplish this. We have brought the Pitt County American Legion Agricultural Fair to you. Now YOU, the community, and Eastern North Carolina region citizens must do your part by participating in the Exhibit Halls, the contests, and attendance at the various FREE shows.
Review all of the volumes of Department Class Listings in our Agricultural Exhibit Hall Tabloid. There’s something for everyone. If you have never entered an exhibit item, enter one this year. Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate. Its lots of fun.

Pay close attention to our advertising businesses that helped to support getting this information to you at no cost to you. Thank them and give them your support.

In addition to all the exciting attractions, our fair management team provides FREE parking for you each and every day of our fair week. Parking along the highway is prohibited. So bring your children, friends, and neighbors to our 96th Annual Pitt County American Legion Fair. Don’t miss out on the most exciting event of the year. Please join us in having fun on the Midway.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Ken Ross
Fair Manager

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